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My Mom is Great Gaby Goldsack

My Mom is Great

Gaby Goldsack

ISBN : 9781842505779
26 pages
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 About the Book 

Genre: Fictional Picture BookReading Level: Early Transitional, This book is early Transitional because it consist of short phrases on each page. The font on each page is very large and the book has very easy and high frequency words. The illustrations are very helpful in reading the text.Topic:Activities that you can do with your mom, why moms are importantCurriculum Uses: This book would be great for a read-aloud if you are talking about moms or on Mothers Day. It can also be used for independent reading.Social Issues: This book discusses the important roles that mothers can make on a childs life. It talks about everything that mothers do during their day.Literary Elements: This book is written in the 1st person, with the child talking about what his mother and him do together. This book also uses interjections such as WOW and WHEEEE!.Illustrations & Text:The illustrations in this book are very well done. The illustrations tell the story along with the text in the book. The illustrations are very helpful to this story.Summary: This book discusses a boy and all of the great things that him and his mother do. This boys mother plays several roles in his life and wears many hats throughout the story. The boy says his mother is magical because of all the great things she can do.