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Hot Lust Five Pack: Five Explicit Erotica Stories Skyler French

Hot Lust Five Pack: Five Explicit Erotica Stories

Skyler French

Published December 16th 2014
Kindle Edition
42 pages
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 About the Book 

How would you like to read this story?Making Hubby Satisfy My Friends (Handcuffs Not Optional)A Sexy Wife Erotica Story with Bondage by Skyler FrenchWhen Katie found the lingerie catalog with all of her husband’s choices circled, she got a crazy idea. What if she got everything in the catalog but instead of modeling them herself one at a time, she invited over a bunch of her girlfriends? After all, she and Don had become much more adventurous and they had the whole weekend free. What if she spent the whole weekend with Don tied down and satisfying all of her friends one right after the other? In this story, the fun starts…That’s only one of the sexy tales you’ll find in this collection. Click now and it can be on your Kindle in just a moment or two.Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, first lesbian sex, first anal sex, hot wives, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.Here are the other stories:2. Amber’s AssA First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Kassandra StoneWhen Amber decided to enjoy an invigorating hike, she didn’t realize how hard it would be to get any of her friends to come along. Finally, Rob gets back to her, and he’s definitely game. During the hike, though, he kisses her, and it’s very uncomfortable to know he thinks of her that way. After a very awkward ride home, she’s happy to close the door behind her, but Rob isn’t, and before long Amber realizes that friends can share a lot…including her first anal sex experience!3. Lydia, Michael, and MeAn FFM Threesome Erotica Story by Patti DrewIt was a shock to come home early from work only to catch my husband right in the middle of sex with our next door neighbor. My marriage was over but even though I felt humiliated I realized it had been over for a long time. My best friend arranged for me to fly out and visit. She wanted to make sure I was okay and she wanted to cheer me up. She discovered I was okay very quickly, and then came the cheering up part, my first lesbian experience in the middle of a very hot threesome with her husband Michael!5. Orgy in the StockroomGroup Sex at the Office by Angela WardWe were all stuck working late at the office on Friday instead of our usual short day with time at the bar. I decided to let my coworkers in on the secret stash of booze I kept for my bosses in the stockroom. I had no idea everything would turn into an all-out orgy with me and five of my coworkers!