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Red Adams Lady Grace Ingram

Red Adams Lady

Grace Ingram

Published 1974
Mass Market Paperback
288 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The redhead hooted gleefully and grappled Julitta to him, spinning her round adroitly so that she could only kick back at his legs. He heaved her from her feet and slung her over his shoulder. He tried to kiss her, but she ducked her head into the cloak so that her crown caught his chin and made his teeth clack.Let me go! she gasped. Indeed I am no harlot! My uncle is lord of Chivingham-He did not heed her. The girl cried out to the waiting crowd.In Gods name -help me!Lady Julitta, mistaken for a strumpet by Red Adam, the impetuous, scandalous young lord of Brentborough, suddenly found herself married to the very man who tried to ravish her.She promised herself she would always despise him -but Red Adam was determined to win her love.