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The Missing Postman and Other Stories Tom OBrien

The Missing Postman and Other Stories

Tom OBrien

Published September 19th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is a book of short stories about life in modern Ireland. The title story, The Missing Postman, is the the longest, and tells about a robbery that goes wrong-where the two perpetrators, Zeb and Zoe, find themselve hiding out in the isolated cottage of a reclusive old bachelor, Martin Og. However, nothing is quite what it seems.Brendan Behans Women tells of Brendans dilemna when he discovers that both his wife, Beatrice, and his mistress, Valerie, are pregnant at the same time. Brendan is holed up in New Yorks Chelsea hotel and has to decide which of them he wants.Johnjos tale is the story of man on the run both in England and Ireland. Disillusioned and bitter at having been ground down by the harshness of his life, he plans a rebellious last hurrah.Most of the protagonists have left Irelands shores, ex-pats who spend their lives to-ing and fro-ing between the islands of Ireland and England, not really sure any longer where home lies.