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Hellsing 10 (Hellsing, #10) Kohta Hirano

Hellsing 10 (Hellsing, #10)

Kohta Hirano

Published July 17th 2009
ISBN : 9783866077591
196 pages
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 About the Book 

Overall, this is a pretty decent manga series. While it may be shallow, rather typical, and pretty repetitive, theres enough well drawn art and over the top violence to keep the reader or an average manga fan such as myself occupied. Hellsing is a fairly original pretty ok thrill ride that grabs you by the hair and pulls you through a battlefield of guns, bullets, flying limbs and squirting blood, while you try to hang on and catch a glimpse of the plot here and there. A good series for manga, anime, and gaming fans who enjoy a bit of the old ultraviolence over plot every now and again.