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The Sins Of Simon Rodska Frank Marshall

The Sins Of Simon Rodska

Frank Marshall

Kindle Edition
87 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It won’t take you a minute,” he said. She felt duty bound to see the flat. He led the way up the staircase. They turned at the top of the stairs and went along a corridor. She was surprised to see another set of stairs leading to the back of the house. She suddenly felt fear. This is all wrong. He caught her by the arm and pulled her into the room. She gave a cry and felt the sharp sting of a needle inexpertly pushed into her neck. The last thing she saw as she fell unconscious was a room. It was quite empty.She was naked but for what looked like a hospital gown. She lay quiet trying to make sense of the situation, stifling the rising panic. As she moved her head, a rope attached to a leather strap round her neck rustled on the wooden floor. It stretched to the darkest corner of the room. Her watch was gone. So too the bangles and earrings. She wondered if it was the mother or the girl that stripped her.